Bloomberg Television is a network that airs business and financial news 24 hours a day, and is distributed globally on ten separate channels. Bloomberg Television is owned and operated by Bloomberg L.P. and is headquartered in New York City.

The network also provides funding and studio facilities for the nightly PBS/WNET program Charlie Rose.

The network's morning pre-opening bell programming was formerly simulcasted in a paid programming arrangement in the United States by the USA Network until 2004, when that network dropped the simulcast months before the NBC Universal merger was consummated, due to concerns USA would then air the coverage of a competitor to future sister network CNBC. The simulcast then moved to E!, where it remained until its end in January 2009, when the network was able to add additional digital cable homes with their regular channel. In its time on E!, the 5-8am block was the most watched period according to Nielsen Media Research.

Bloomberg Television's US network debuted a new graphics package in January 2009. This current scheme was first used on the network's now-defunct pre-market program, Starting Bell, before the new graphics expanded to all of the network's programs on February 17, 2009. Also on that date, Bloomberg US revamped its weekday programming lineup.

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